A Thousand Decisions came as a reaction to the lack of formal, structured courses which focus on wines made with natural methods.

We really wanted to create a course that explores sustainable agriculture, grape growing and wine making.

This means more focus on:

  • Organic and biodynamic farming;

  • How biodiversity in a vineyard can benefit the health of grapes;

  • Natural yeasts and spontaneous fermentation;

  • Making additive free wines;

  • And how all these elements combine to make distinctive and unique wines

We are geeks about how and why wine tastes like it does and want to share this with others.

We want a course that is fun but informative, and provides a learning environment in which any questions go... Through conversations with some of the wine makers we love, we have produced a comprehensive course guide and lesson plan that will form the backbone of the course.

A Thousand Decisions has been created for anyone with an interest in learning more about naturally produced wines.


For more information about what drives us and reasons for setting up the course, read over Heidi's recent interview with Les Caves de Pyrene. Heidi speaks about her perceptions on natural wine,  the people who make it, the industry that sells it and tackles the question of integrity in wine.


Who We Are

Heidi Nam Knudsen, Founder

Heidi is Operations and Wine Director for Farmacy, London and former buyer for the Ottolenghi group/former General Manager of Nopi restaurant.

"For me, wines are emotional. I'm not really that interested in technicalities or whether or not a wine is citrusy or not. Does it move you? Is it delicious? Do you want to drink it/know about it more?"

Jon Passmore, Founder

Jon was the General Manager at Ottolenghi Islington and worked alongside Heidi to deliver wine training to the group. He has a formal background in wine education (WSET diploma), however his focus has always been on the production of wines with minimal intervention.

"I have always loved fermentation - the process of turning juice to wine fascinates me. I want it to fascinate other people too."