One Day Course (Level 1)


The one day course is delivered on a single Saturday.

The course is 6 hours in length and runs from 10am until 4.30pm. (Lunch provided)

There will be 7 wines wines tasted during the lesson - the focus of tastings is to understand how viticulture and wine making have impacted the style of the wine.

The one day is intended for anyone who is interested in knowing more about wine made through natural methods, but has had less exposure to the theory behind grape growing and wine production.

The course covers the following topics:


  • History of farming (how have farming methods evolved through the centuries?)

  • Aspects of conventional, organic and biodynamic farming

  • Why is it so important that we farm with respect to nature and without chemicals?

  • Biodynamic preparations (what are they, how are they prepared & applied, how do they work?)

Wine making

  • Natural yeasts (where do they come from and how do they affect the wine?)

  • Fermentation (how does spontaneous fermentation work?)

  • Red, white, rose and skin macerated wine production

  • Fermentation vessels (why are different fermentation vessels used and how do they impact the taste of the wine?)

  • Wine additives (what are some of the most common additives and why are they used?)

Characteristics of wine

  • How to describe what you are tasting

  • Ways to determine how a wine is made from its taste (what are noticeable features of a wine that can help identify where or how it is made?)

  • How farming decisions may have affected wine style