Bespoke Restaurant Training


What we offer

If you are a restaurant or organisation that would like to book one of the courses (beginner or intermediate) for a group of your employees - contact us. We have experience in delivering tailored courses to restaurants with the aim of raising the enthusiasm, understanding and curiousity of staff in natural wines. We can use samples from your lists or suggest our own.


From our own experience as restaurant managers, we know the time pressure that restaurants face when it comes to delivering on the job wine training. 

Having knowledgable staff who can confidently recommend wines is absolutely essential to providing a quality experience to the guest.

In addition to the 'A Thousand Decisions' curriculum, restaurant training will focus on:

  • inspiring staff to want to learn more about wine
  • giving staff the confidence to talk about wine by dispelling the myth that there is a 'correct answer' to how a wine tastes or smells
  • discussing how to approach a guest and understand what they want to drink

Feedback from previous courses is that front & back of house staff have left with a greater enthusiasm to explore wines, and a greater confidence in speaking to guests about wine.

Next steps

Every restaurant is unique - no single training course will match all restaurants so please contact us to discuss how we can tailor a course for you.